Marshal Fitness Mini Portable Exercise Bike, 95

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marshal fitness

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Pedal Exerciser Mini Cycle Fitness Exercise Bike. It's a portable machine that is suitable for upper and lower body exercise, especially for arms and legs exercises. With its stable frame and non-slip feet, you can enjoy your exercise while you are playing computer, watching TV or at work. Also, there is a resistance knob which could adjust the strap resistance according to your physical strength. Besides, it has a multi function LCD display that will change automatically after a couple of seconds, then you can keep track of the time, distance, number of exercise and the total estimated calorie consumption. This pedal exercise is ideal for users of all ages and beneficial for improving cardiovascular function, promoting the blood circulation, etc.
Lightweight design, portable and easy to assemble
Ideal for family entertainment and all ages of users
Versatile for both legs and arms exercises
Sturdy frame and non-slip feet for safety and efficient
Comfortable pedal straps to keep your feet in place
Adjustable Resistance knob to meet different physical condition
Multi function LCD monitor displays time, distance, total count and calorie
Increases strength and improving coordination as well as circulation
Weight : 7.7 pounds
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